Real-world software and services

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This page lists a collection of real-world software and services built with the Gambit-C Scheme system. Please add to this list if you know of a missing entry.

Programming Languages

  • JazzScheme by Guillaume Cartier (open-source, development environment, for Windows/Mac/Linux)
  • EdScheme by Schemers inc. (commercial, Scheme interpreter for Windows)
  • Gambit REPL by Marc Feeley (commercial, development environment, for iPhone/iPad)
  • clojure-scheme by Nathan Sorenson (Clojure to Gambit Scheme compiler, ClojureWest2013 slides are here)
  • LambdaNative Open-source cross-platform development environment supporting Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10, OS X, Linux, Windows and OpenBSD. ICFP2013 preprint here.


  • Farmageddon by James Long (commercial on App store, for iPhone)
  • Reverso by Alex Queiroz (commercial on App store, for iPhone)


  • FMDiff by Huslik Verlag GmbH (commercial, for Windows/Mac)


  • Delectus by mikel evins, (commercial, a simple list manager for Mac OS X, available through the Mac App Store)


  • SGDLScript by SGDL Technology S.A. (commercial, 3D modeling, for Windows)


  • Phone Oximeter by UBC/BC Children's Hospital (clinical research tool, for iPhone)
  • telePORT by UBC/BC Children's Hospital (operating room telemonitoring app, for iPhone, Android, Windows and Linux)


  • SellingPoint by Concentra corp. (commercial, sales configuration, for Windows)

Industrial Control Systems

  • Klio tools by Marco Benelli (open source, libraries - web server - web applications, used on x86, ARM, sh-2 processors with *nix and Windows OSes)